The Responsible Approach

Our Perspective

“The Responsible Approach”

As a manufacturer of chemical products, we understand our responsibility to be good stewards of our resources as well as to be good citizens of the communities where we live and work. Our commitments to safety and accountability are cornerstones of our day-to-day operations as we strive to meet and exceed the goals of industry standards. However, BioLab® believes our approach to responsibility goes even farther than how we manufacture our products and can be summed up as follows:

  • We believe we are accountable to our customers and consumers to provide products that do what they say they do and never overpromise on their benefits. If we don’t have the data to support it, we won’t say it.
  • We believe environmentally-friendly claims are only valuable if the product truly protects your family from equally harmful bacteria and germs. There will be no “green-washing” in our marketing programs.
  • We believe how we ship our products deserves as much scrutiny as how we formulate them, so we will seek better options that help reduce fuel costs, speed time from dock-to-door and reduce the number of times it changes hands.
  • We believe achieving superior safety in storage and handling shouldn’t wait for a law to be enacted, but be led by being proactive in the creation of internal standards and practices and for our industry.
  • We believe customer service is not just a department, but is a philosophy that must permeate every employee and process in order to create positive and meaningful experiences for our customers and consumers.